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You save time and money

Because we’re Melbourne property experts we know the market inside out. We can take you to more property, the best performing locations, suburbs and streets sooner so you can spend more time enjoying the things you would rather be doing.

In a competitive property market time is money. It can take time to understand what you need and where to find it, weeks or months looking online, walking through open houses or dealing with estate agents to find what you think is the ideal home or investment property. There’s due diligence that must be completed, finance to arrange and negotiating the sale, often against multiple buyers and all without the guarantee of success. If you miss it….you’re back to square one.

Our experienced Melbourne Buyer Advocates can do all of this for you and save your valuable time and money.

Our Melbourne Buyer Advocates will:


  • Create a Property Plan before you make a move
  • Source and select only the best property options that match your needs
  • Locate hidden or “off market” properties not available to the public
  • Complete all essential due diligence prior to purchase
  • Provide detailed analysis and evidence to establish what price you should pay
  • Negotiate the sale on your behalf to achieve the lowest price and best terms for you
  • Remove the risk of paying an emotional premium for a property
  • Ensure you buy the best property at the right price in the shortest possible time

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Reduce stress and emotion

Having an experienced Melbourne Buyers Advocate by your side can provide an unquestionable level of protection and calm, particularly in high pressure situations. When so much is at stake it makes sense to have professional representation. A Buyers Advocate provides advice that’s independent, considered and completely free of emotional bias.

Buying a property is one of the most stressful things you can do. Becoming emotionally committed to a property only to miss it can be draining. Worse still, paying an emotional premium could cost you years in potential capital growth. Emotion can make you do some impulsive and crazy things.

Property is an emotional asset. It’s the only tangible asset you can touch, improve and live in. When you see a property you love your perception, body language and behaviour changes. It’s these changes that can ultimately betray you, cloud your judgement and make you much easier to read under pressure. An agent will exploit this in the interests of their Vendor, and it can cost you more than you think.

We help you remove the emotion and stay focused on the facts.

Our Melbourne Buyers Advocates will:


  • Act as your “emotional” shield to protect your interests from agents
  • Prevent you from making impulsive and costly decisions
  • Represent you in all negotiations
  • Be the “voice of reason” to put any property into clear perspective
  • Ensure you have all the facts before you buy
  • Provide analysis and evidence to establish what you should pay
  • Reduce the risk of paying an emotional premium

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Keeping you ahead of the market

Our Melbourne Buyer Advocates are active in the market everyday. This puts us in an ideal position to share our experience to help you find and buy the right property at the right price. With years of experience and market knowledge at our disposal we can help keep you safe, put you in the best position to buy and keep you one step ahead of the rest of the market.

In a market where buyer demand exceeds supply of property, it’s likely that you will face competition when trying to buy a home or investment property. Knowing how to handle your competition and the estate agent, as well as knowing what to pay takes knowledge, skill and experience.

Our Melbourne Buyer Advocates:


  • Always buy with an investment focus and never buy at all costs
  • Are licensed property specialists and experienced negotiators who are on your side
  • Identify more opportunities to buy the right property
  • Put you in the best negotiating position regardless of the method of sale
  • Know all the games that agents can play and how to handle them

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