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Vendor Advocacy

For Vendors

Most people dread the prospect of having to sell a property. Many just don’t know the market well enough to make informed decisions and then hand over control to an agent they barely know.

We have developed a Melbourne Vendor Advocacy service that saves you money, makes you money and removes the stress of dealing with Estate Agents. In short, it provides a better way to sell.

Our Melbourne Vendor Advocates:

  • Put you back in control of the sale
  • Provide transparency and objective advice in your interests
  • Save time and remove un-necessary expense
  • Reduce risk and uncertainty
  • Help you to make informed decisions

We start by asking the right questions to determine if selling is the best option. All agents will tell you “now is the right time”’s in their interests for you to sell, but could you be selling for the wrong reason?

Because we’re 100% independent and we don’t sell property, it puts us in the best position to advise and represent you. 

If selling is the right option our Melbourne Vendor Advocates will:

  • Advise you on the most effective timing of your sale
  • Identify cost effective improvements to enhance presentation and value
  • Advise and select the most effective method of sale
  • Interview and select the most effective selling agent
  • Negotiate the agents commission and advertising cost
  • Oversee the marketing of your property and the agent
  • Represent you during all sale negotiations to maximise your price

We don’t commission share or receive any financial incentives from the agent, our client pays our fee.

Contact us and we’ll share some secrets that could add thousands to your bottom line.